Aarhus – The World’s smallest big city

Aarhus - The World's smallest big city

Hear about everything that makes Aarhus a vibrant and attractive city.

Aarhus has many big city amenities, but is also cosy, easily accessible, close to the forest and the beach and with beautiful scenery all around.
In recent years, Aarhus has enjoyed increasing attention both nationally and internationally – especially since 2017 when the city basked in the title ‘European Capital of Culture’.

On this walk through central Aarhus, we focus on some of the attractions that inspired the slogan ‘the world’s smallest big city’, such as:
The iconic City Hall, cultural flagships such as the Concert Hall, the ARoS Art Museum and the Dokk1 library, the Aarhus River, the Latin Quarter in the old city centre, many beautiful buildings from a bygone era and the newest urban development along the waterfront.

Hear about an urban community and a port characterised by growth and development, a vibrant and “young” city boasting many educational institutions, and about daily life in Denmark’s second largest city.

Latinerkvarteret i Aarhus

Meeting point:
At Aarhus Cathedral,
Store Torv, Aarhus C.

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